About Lengchat


We believe that everyone spends time to entertain, and the world is a better connection when we listen, watch, and create a happy community through our collection.

Lengchat was created to provide great video hosting service in Cambodia that users can upload, advertise, share, and show their expertise on the go.

Our core values are dependant on five essential freedoms that define who we are.


1. Freedom of Expression

We believe people should be able to share opinions, values and possibilities.

2. Freedom of Information

We believe everyone should have educational access information to vast open space in the world.

3. Freedom of Opportunity

We believe everyone should have a chance to be close to others in creative community from the globe.

4. Freedom to Connection

We believe everyone should be able to find communities of support and share together around shared interests and values..

5. Freedom of Entertainment

We believe everyone spend time to entertain and connect freely with the global community through sharing their stories, collections, and experiments on the global community platform.