What small advantage those characters added to the game made it

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I really miss the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket rude, sassy villagers. What small advantage those characters added to the game made it feel a lot more diverse. I sort of stopped needing to even talk to my villagers because I understand every single one will be nice and sweet. There is no surprise for it, it feels as though they're all exactly the same character today. An area where every person is endlessly wonderful alllllll the time feels fake and artificial.

This reminds me of the spongebob incident where squidward moves to the neighborhood with different squids.

Got it, next Animal Crossing will possess KK.Slider getting drunk, getting divorced and losing everything, eventually becoming a fist fight with his Ex's new boyfriend only to get his hands smashed so badly he can no longer play guitar, and instead must resort to playing the Didgeridoo.

I'm picturing Al picking up KK with his hands and clenching his fists as blood drips from between his fingers.

I remember a moose or/and Grey wolf which was a jerk, but after some time I started to just like him being a jerk, and also the times he was sweet were special.

Villagers in Japan consistently were sweet, which later on this was adjusted and they became similar to what the japanese version is.

I want villagers who could be assholes. Or really, villagers who are their own men and women. Allow me to feel like these are actual characters, not just artsy cookie-cut satisfaction bots given to me to play .

The English translation was not faithful at all to the first, but man was it great. Nintendo of Japan was impressed they re translated the translation are released it in Japan.

Seriously; I went back to buy bells animal crossing the GameCube version (that I never possessed ) and intentionally pissed off Resetti because his writing was on fucking stage


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