Each member brings fire

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"From what I could see, in my short time here, it is really helping a range of individuals in the company already. From what I can tell, there have been a lot of people inside CCP who've played EVE for a lengthy time. But there is no way for EVE Echoes ISK the community to see that because it was so secretive. And I believe now that that's changed, it has opened up a whole bunch of new playstyles. It's allowing numerous developers to get a better idea of what is happening within the major EVE communities that they were not able to receive before. And I think, even just over these last few months, that's really made a really positive effect on development of the game."

Overall, it feels like the community staff is at a leading place to make a gap in EVE, even compared to even just last year. Kamil cites that while Svienni and Paul will always be important fixtures in the area, the staff is at a great place now and looks forward to what the future holds for the three of these.

For my part, just interviewing the group (as sick as I was that day too ), things bode well for the future of EVE. Each member brings fire and their own flair to the neighborhood team, something they every will leverage to produce all of New Eden better. Since New Eden goes via a rebirth of sorts with much more involvement, new updates and Cheap EVE Mobile ISK the potential threat of the Triglavian invasion projecting the power balance into madness with Eclipse, EVE Online feels like it is in good hands.


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