Now it's a certainty that 120 skillcapes will be published.

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I will add that I have had attempts at scamming multiple occasions, one most notable was a participant wearing a completionist cape asking me to help him with RuneScape gold a pursuit...'a pressure plate in blood runs deep'. I played with a long while standing at the GE bank, eventually telling him I was conscious of his ruse and that I understood there was not any pressure pads in B.R.D. he jumped to log out. Hahahaha. His name was lvi SmiIe.

Now it's a certainty that 120 skillcapes will be published. Consequences of the cape: High-level gamers now have an alternate goal they can go for if they never wish to get Max or even Completionist. The stats of this cape will most likely be lower compared to a Max cape. 120 is approximately the identical amount of XP as 8 99s. This might result in elitist approaches by 120 cape owners supporting players with 99 from the corresponding ability, and might discourage newer players.

This opens up the potential for Milestone capes over 99 in the future. There is a lot of controversy behind this idea, with the primary argument being that it promotes excessive, unhealthy gameplay. The neighborhood will get even more efficacy and XP concentrated rather than"fun" focused. Generation skills will become more expensive to train, because the wealthiest players now have incentive to buy and use massive quantities of equipment. If you voted with the anticipation that it would not affect you, you're very incorrect. Anyhow, I thought this would be a good time to share theory videos of 120 ability emotes.

I know I know... I'm not much of a famous member. In reality, I haven't participated much in such forums during these 6 years. I mainly played and came here in order to read Sal's awesome guides. I can still remember my very first day in Old School RS Gold. Back then I was just a teenager, eager to play runescape because I thought it was fantastic I could perform a character and just roam around a whole world and go wherever I wanted. I moved through island tutorial and started with only a few coins (I think it was 12 gp lol?) .


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