Still negatively affecting portions of RuneScape

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The challenge for RuneScape gold us is that despite all our programs and best intentions the problem is still huge and, most annoyingly, nevertheless adversely impacting parts of our game. We're continuing to combat bots on all fronts. In an effort to be more open and we need to share a few steps and initiatives we are about to release/have released lately: We have recently improved our internal systems to have the ability to spot spam in the chat window and immediately mute the offender preventing the constant stream of communication from the golden farmers that are impacting the sport experience. Your reports are very beneficial to us here!

Continuing our ongoing legal cases against bot developers. Mandatory email validation for new accounts will include extra account safety and impair the volume accounts creation that gold farmers use. There are several different initiatives and actions that we intend to implement over the upcoming few months and we will discuss these with you as often and in much detail because we can. The most significant of them is to come soon. Also, we recognise that we have not been the best at communicating what we're doing and that changes today.

While we're winning small battles by spending substantial money and resources in trying to combat this problem, the war isn't going in our favour because we're trying hard to keep up with companies whose sole business 24 hours per day 7 days per week is to find ways to acquire bots into the game. Consequently, 1 thing has become really clear to us regardless of our ongoing efforts.

We cannot win this battle . We want your help. So how can you help? First, we would love to hear from you at a more coordinated way regarding your thoughts about how to combat the bots problem. We will be developing polls to help us know more about robots directly out of you... we'd really like to hear your response. We would like to prepare a unique forum where we could have targeted QA's and receive formal comments from you about particular initiatives. We will allow you to know if this forum is set up and encourage you to join us.

We hope that you will engage with and encourage your friends to use any resources we supply to you that will help us identify and prohibit the bots such as the Spam Filter feature. And finally, we'd request that you refrain from using bots or behind gold farmers. When there isn't a market, then bots won't exist. As was so eloquently put in a current post on"Standing up to Jagex [by expressing the opinion on the botting issue], one could argue, requires a certain quantity of guts, but more is needed to stand up to one's friends". The player went on to state "The community should stand up for itself by simply following the rules and shunning those who don't. Lacking customers, the websites that place up the bots will shut, and the sole botter will be the real player that is isolated. In the end, after the three pillars of the code of conduct that Jagex setup -"Honour,""Respect," and"Security" are a responsibility of the players and buy RS gold the community as much as they are of Jagex."

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