Same thing with all the crafting guild

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Can you feel that the different guilds are so helpful? I remember WAY back wanting 32 cooking so bad so I could finally get into the cooking guild. Then after getting in I recall being frustrated because it did not actually seem to give me much to help in my cooking skill. Then I mined and mined so I could eventually get into the mining guild. And I went in and that I was frustrated because it was a couple a lava stones and OSRS gold a couple of mithril.

Same thing with all the crafting guild. I am able to mine or do my crafting in other places much simpler than going into the crafting guild. Does anybody here actually use the crafting guild to train crafting? Granted, I haven't seen all the guilds, but the ones I have visited just appear to rather be a waste of space. Not really much advantage to them. It would appear the guilds could be made more useful, I don't know, possibly offering tasks to high level players kinda like the lumber yard. Only a thought. A number of the guilds just seem to lack a function and are not very useful once you finally get in? Does anyone agree or disagree? Which guilds do you find to be the most valuable?

All right, I have been working toward the quest cape for approximately 2.5 years now and I always get told they're really simple to Cheap RS gold get. Much easier and faster than most, or even all 99 skills, based upon the person telling me. I got told that today, and I was quite bored, so I decided to do a few calculations. Just adding up the good skill requirements which you want, it comes to 11,492,440 experience. That's just equal of just below level 98 in any one skill. But wait a minute, there is a level 85 battle requirement too. The skill requirements only state 40 assault, 65 shield, 69 strength, 55 prayer, 75 magic, 75 ranged, and 41 summoning. That brings the entire minimum xp to 12,030,092.


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